Castle Hill By Night

We took a taxi up to Buda Hill to see the Buda Castle, which dates back to 1265, (though much has changed since then). There are now a total of 7 wings in the castle. Szentháromság tér (Holy Trinity Square) is the center of the Buda Castle District, where the Holy Trinity Statue, Old Town Hall, and Matthias Church are all located.

Matthias Church

The views from above were like none other, as the castle sits 48 meters above the Danube River and looks out onto the Pest side of Budapest. The sky was crystal clear–you can even see a sliver of the moon in the photo above! We were able to see all of the bridges, Parliament, and even St. Stephen’s Basilica from the balconies of the castle. It was such a beautiful, romantic spot.
Many private residential areas surround the castle–we had to weave through small winding roads and stairways in order to get back onto the main road. Imagine being a neighbor of the royal palace!


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