Posted in May 2014

A Slice of Heaven Called Mallorca

A Slice of Heaven Called Mallorca

Less than two weeks after returning from an amazing vacation in Southeast Asia, we were off to the Spanish island of Mallorca! I honestly felt a little guilty about this, like maybe it was time to settle in and really start working. I soon realized how very American this guilt is. But any excuse to get me away from our Econometrics class was a great enough excuse for me. Our Spanish friend Gabriel invited us to his summer home on the shores of Mallorca to soak up the last bit of Mediterranean summer sun. Continue reading


ICADE Spain Year 2

Thanks to my (now) alma mater Northeastern University, I had the unique opportunity to stay in Spain for yet another year. Through the International Business program (BSIB), I had the choice of studying for another year at ICADE, my Spanish business school, in order to obtain an additional European degree. Continue reading